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146 Van Noordtkade
Amsterdam, NH, 1013 CA

06 16104310

I'm a Freelance Digital Designer/animator with 10 years experience in advertising. Ik ben een Senior digital Designer uit Amsterdam met meer dan 10 jaar ervaring.


Music, Concept/Director, Camera, 3D/FX, Edit - Showreel for StudioVEEN (I'm the co-owner together with my sister Luke)

Direction/Camera/Edit/Music - Short video showcasing a hand painted Citta Gilera.

Cameraman, Edit - Video van Boothnation @ Playboy Condom release party in het Amstel Hotel. 

Cameraman, Edit - Video of Boothnation's Popup shoot for Bavaria.

Cameraman, FX, Edit - Introduction film for the bags made by Eastpack & Wood Wood. Together with my sister Luke van Veen.

Music, Concept/Director, Camera, 3D/FX, Edit - Special music video for a live performance made by StudioVEEN en Meike Sier and Je Suis ENERGY.