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146 Van Noordtkade
Amsterdam, NH, 1013 CA

06 16104310

I'm a Freelance Digital Designer/animator with 10 years experience in advertising. Ik ben een Senior digital Designer uit Amsterdam met meer dan 10 jaar ervaring.



Monster.Beat.Machine (MBM) is the brainchild of Bo van Veen. In its essence it's a story influenced heavily by Bo's exposure to scy-fy/action/animation/games as a teenager. Using these influences to create my own world. The story is told though 3 parts.

1. A musical theatre play about the last people on earth dealing with a Religious-Bio-Tech-Virus.

2. A graphic novel about life on a space ship that orbits earth for 20 years.

3. A music video connecting earth and the space ship.

Here I will post the latest creations for my story. I'm not a writer (and many of you reading this, know I'm not one to read books except for graphic novels...) That's why I am using visuals to show what's in my head. Of course there are some things I'm writing down, but that's more a memory aid to remind myself of the things I come up with. If you came here to see my commercial freelance work, please look under +DESIGN in the top navigation.


I already told you im not the best writer so why not film myself rambling about my ideas:



While pacing small circles around my house, Spotify introduced me to new music. My first child (and only so far) was just born, which meant there was limited 'me time'. My mind would wander off and get inspired by this amazing music I was hearing.

While running through the Western Harbour of Amsterdam I listened to this music some more. An idea started to take form; visuals were taking shape in my minds eye. Single visuals started to blend into a story. The first idea was to make a theater play for people who forgot about theatre. People who go to techno festivals, who like costume drama's like 'Mad Max' and 'Ghost in the Shell' on the big screen. Why is there nothing in between...? Please don't say musicals..! But then again why not a musical? One with techno, lasers and a dystopian world? 

Now, -a year later- the idea has transformed: it has become an evolving, personal visual art piece. Maybe it will become a film; or a graphic novel, or the techno musical idea it started with. As I am writing this I have no idea. At least not specific to the outcome. But I have created a lot of things in the process, and I've discovered new techniques. For example: I built my own render PC because some calculations where cracking my macbook pro. And I use my smartphone to 3D scan parts of the real world to use in my animations.


Sketching out the movement and playfulness of our main character.

The first time i came up with the idea of implementing Balinese Devil masks.


In this video i explain more about the story and choice of visual style:



Bio tech healed the broken world. No more need for excessive plastics and fossil fuels. Connecting tech directly from brain to machine. What could possibly go wrong?

The story is based on everything I loved as a kid growing up watching movies. My heroes where Jean Claude, Arnold and Sylvester. Movies like First blood, Terminator 2 and Kickboxer showed me a world where you can be a hero, machine or karate champ from Belgium. For my story I do not shy away from these influences. Don't get me wrong, this is not a story about a masculine male hero that kills the bad guy; it is a story about a girl searching for life.

Some other movies and games that shaped my brain and influenced this story: Mad Max, Predator, Howls Moving Castle, Akira, Die Hard, First Blood, Lion King, and Blade Runner (especially the PC Game from the 90's) and the PC game Beneath a Steal Sky.



I started calling the main character Lisa because I asked a Lisa to play her in the theater play. So this will probably change in the future. But for now:

Everyone in the future wears Bio-Tech and so does Lisa. The technology was hacked and injected with a virus that killed almost everyone. The world leaders of their field left earth for a big space station that has been in orbit around earth for more than 20 years now. Lisa being a 5th generation Bio-tech wearer is very comfortable with the code living on her skin. She grew up with it and uses it to her advantage. We see her living alone, the only companion is a hologram device she hacked and uses as a tool and emotional outlet.

Orbiting spacecraft design complete with Alien-like corridor:



Here I will explain some more on how I created my animated world. I 3D scan environments that inspire me, with my smartphone. The scan is then imported into the animated world.

I will elaborate on this below, but first an example of how this works:

Here you can see some screenshots of Agisoft Photoscan. The first two are wooden carvings I bought on Marktplaats (dutch Ebay).  The third image is a burned down thrift store thats close to my house. And the image on the right is a scan of Manhattan. For the opening world shot I wanted some buildings that feel like a real city so just took 40 screenshots for Google earth and scanned the images. Than in Cinema 4D i put all these together and further manipulated the models to get the destroyed look.



Here you can listen to my works in progress. This is by no means final. I mixed and mastered these myself. Sometimes my friend Tjeerd Dudink drops by at the studio so we can work together on these tracks. 

My DAW of choice is Ableton with some self made samples and a couple of ableton-packs and soft-synths. 


I embedded my spotify list with tracks that inspired me to make my own.